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The philosophy of natural or holistic health care is that the body is capable of healing itself, once the proper conditions are provided.


This philosophy - embraced by chiropractic, naturopathic and other alternative health professionals - is based on the wisdom of the ages. Over two thousand years ago Hippocrates advocated the use of proper nutrition and medicinal herbs, along with exercise, rest and fresh air, to help the body's own "life force" (immune system) maintain good health and vanquish illness.


It is now clear, from hundreds of studies and world-wide scientific research, that nutritional supplementation offers an amazingly effective and low-risk approach to healing illness and achieving wellness - without drugs or surgery!


As is true with any "hot" growth industry, the nutrition field has, unfortunately, attracted unscrupulous individuals and organizations- out to make a fast buck. And what better way to make a fast buck than promoting new (and expensive) "wonder products" masquerading as nutrition to escape government intervention.


Nutrition, however, is not discovering a new substance and trying to figure out what nutritional use it can be put to. Rather, it is knowing the systems of the body and what kind of nutrition each system requires - and then providing it.


On the "Nutrition Pyramid" the basic requirements for most people are pretty constant. We all need multiple vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements and essential fatty acids on a daily basis. This group of essential nutrients forms the foundation of the nutrition pyramid.


Herbs and nutrients such as ginkgo biloba, kava kava, black cohosh, specific amino acids, and glandulars are not necessarily essential to our health (as far as we currently know) but can ameliorate and/or prevent disease and chronic illnesses and improve performance and a sense of well-being. These form the middle level of the pyramid.


At the top of the pyramid are supplements for specific purposes, such as weight loss, virility, or muscle growth. These products comprise the top section of the pyramid and can be valuable if the patient is maintaining his basic foundational nutritional requirements. If the patient is deficient in this area - most likely because of poor diet and eating habits - you need to ask him or her why they would even want to try a new fad diet or supplement if their essential nutritional needs are not being met?


A deficiency in a single basic nutrient that goes uncorrected will shut down the immunity system and disrupt homeostasis no matter how much fad supplements the patient is consuming.


Chronic low-level health problems, such as back fatigue, joint inflammation, connective tissue trauma, muscle spasm, obesity, sexual decline, fungal infections and other disorders are being caused or exacerbated by a nutritional deficiency.


This downward spiral in "life force" is insidious because it occurs gradually over a prolonged period of time. Many individuals live their entire lives in this compromised state.


It is also well established that the ingestion of specific nutrients can help accelerate the healing process and provide above normal healing rates. Studies have also proven that patients recovering from major trauma, tissue damage and/or inflammation require 30 to 55 percent more calories of specific nutrition than normal.


Titan's professional line of pharmaceutical grade supplements - the Factor Series - has been scientifically delineated to promote a specific body system's ability to withstand the onslaught of environmental pathogens by providing the exact combination of essential and specific nutrients required by that system to naturally fight against disease.


Each Factor Series product may prevent or ameliorate conditions or ailments common to specific systems of the body. For example, Factor Six: Sommerserene addresses the concerns of the nervous system while Factor Ten: Femtrac focuses on the female glandular reproductive system, and so forth.


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